Ingenium is a multidisciplinary research group formed by members from different countries, with an extensive experience in national and international projects. Our mission is to contribute to improving social welfare by the implementation of projects in the fields of engineering, business administration and economics, and the pursuit of excellence in research. 


   Ingenium Research Group is the area located in Castilla-La Mancha University. They are specialist in Engineering, Business and Economics, with a large experience in operation research&Management Science. 


CUNEF-Ingenium is the area placed in Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros de Madrid, Madrid (Spain). They are specialist in quantitative analysis, mainly employed in financial analysis and economic and business studies.



Ingenium Learning is the area that manages the Learning activities of Ingenium. We employed Moodle platform in for training and learning courses.



Air Ingenium is focused in aerospaces activities employing different Condition Monitoring Systems embedded in Unmaned Air Vehicles. This area is allowed to train drone pilots with offical licences


Thanks to our experience, Ingenium Group is training drone pilots in different drone models. Our objective is to provide quality training to ensure that new pilots have the necessary skills to perform any aerial operation. 

See more information about our professional drone pilot training program.

Ingenium has a direct collaboration of thirteen members of Spanish institutions (University of Seville, Catalonia Polytechnic, College of Financial Studies, Bank of Spain, RENFE, and Novotec consultants) and also international (University of Lancaster and Birmingham in the UK, and the University of Bergamo in Italy).



Ingenium in RTVE1 (I)


AirIngenium: Renewable Energies

AirIngenium: Agricultural applications



Ingenium in RTVE1 (II)